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Various cases when artificial embryo transfer is chosen

his is where seeking professional service from the best clinic is mandatory

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After a comprehensive cycle of medications and monitoring processes, a set of fertilized ova is transferred in the womb of the carrier. The embryos are cultured for 4-6 days in a lab and then the ultimate step is taken to finish the process. The anticipation of the would-be parents remains at its highest level. The responsibility of the fertility clinic is very high throughout the entire phase. This is where seeking professional service from the best clinic is mandatory. The entire process needs monitoring and an experienced team of medical experts.

Necessity of embryo transfer

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is needed when there are complications in the reproductive physiology of a couple. When natural fertilization is not generating any result, seeking the consultation of an IVF Specialist becomes a necessity. Here are the cases where embryo transfer becomes the only remedy.

  • Ovulation disorders

When the ovulation cycle is infrequent or irregular, eggs available are not in a proper amount for natural fertilization.

  • Fallopian tube complications

Due to the complications in the fallopian tube physiology, the passage for ova is blocked. This is where artificial fertilization is chosen to remove the barrier. The womb is reached via the latest methods and the embryos are planted.

  • Premature failure of the ovaries

Improper level of hormones and irregular release of eggs happen due to premature failure.

  • Uterine fibroids

Benign tumours on the uterine wall can cause pregnancy complications in the early stages by interfering with the attachment of eggs on it.

  • Genetic disorders

Genetic disorders also cause hindrance in natural fertilization.

  • Impaired sperm quality and quantity

Quality sperm is very necessary for fertilization. Artificial fertilization can be done by collecting samples.

Why it is beneficial?

The embryo adoption clinics often serve the best facilities to a couple where they can get quality sperm and ova for in-vitro fertilization. In fact, the samples from donors can be frozen and preserved for future purposes. Proper choice of perfect ova and sperm will also lead to a healthy pregnancy term and the couples will be able to enjoy the bliss of parenthood.

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